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Focusing on Chicagoland area construction, Alpine Ridge Builders is a General Contracting and Design firm specializing in all phases of development from conceptual planning through final design and construction.  Because our background is rooted in both design and construction, we pride ourselves on seeing, assessing and evaluating all aspects of a project early in the process to ensure that our clients are provided with the highest level of quality and efficiency through each phase of work.  Our diverse history allows us to tackle a wide variety of projects, both commercial and residential.  Through decades of combined construction experience, we have established a dedicated group of talented planners, designers and contractors that bring a unique and innovative perspective to each project. Additionally, our consistent project collaboration with our team of professionals ensures that your project will progress seamlessly, even when unforeseen conditions or unique challenges arise.  


Our founding partners come from varying professional backgrounds including civil engineering, construction management, general contracting, carpentry and related construction, planning, design and a multitude of other aspects of the development process.  With that type of diversity in our work experience, we can offer many different perspectives on the very same project, to provide you with a well rounded project approach and the very best in value engineering, planning, logistical analysis and feasibility assessments.  We can offer a multitude of front end services to accompany the construction itself including property due diligence and reports, preliminary design and estimating, project scheduling and planning and can provide our clients with turn-key services from beginning to end or any individual part along the way.  We pride ourselves on being able to tackle all projects with the very same diligence and dedication, from very large to very small.  We understand that differing projects each provide their own unique challenges and require personalized attention to detail.  Our clients can be assured that each project will be attended to without the boiler plate approach so often applied in our industry, but instead with an individualized approach configured and planned for with the wide-ranging prior experience our team can uniquely offer.  


We pride ourselves also on being an "open book" company, meaning that our costs are never hidden, that project expectations and timelines are presented honestly and openly, and that pathways to cost savings are always pursued, even if that ultimately means less work on our end.  Our priority is always with our clients first, and we strive to make each project successful for both ourselves and our customers.  


From high-end residential new construction, to commercial maintenance; from land development, design-build and multi-year project planning and feasibility assessments to kitchen remodels and home additions, Alpine Ridge Builders is your single call solution to your project concerns.  Our team is available to discuss your project, regardless of where you may be in the process, at any time.  Please contact us HERE for more information.

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