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Concept Planning & Feasibility

Preliminary project planning, forecasting, budgeting and assessments.


Every successful project starts with the right planning from the outset.  With Alpine Ridge Builders, you can start the process with the confidence that our experienced team is looking at all aspects of your potential project from land acquisition through contracting and design.   From preliminary conceptual planning, property due diligence, permit requirements and restrictions, cost forecasting, value engineering to land planning, project feasibility, preliminary scheduling and field assessments of desired improvements, ARB staff have the know-how, experience and skill set to provide you with a thorough understanding of project options, potential costs and what to expect.  


Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and no project should move forward without the proper leg work on the front end.  A single call early in the process can help you decide what options may prove to be the most economical, the most feasible and the most desirable based on an clear picture of how the multitude of moving parts, requirements, costs and often unconsidered contributing factors may impact your improvements.  If you are considering purchasing a new property for development, re-developing an existing parcel, adding on to your home, building new or anything in between, ARB staff are here to help.  


Our preliminary phase of work typically starts with a detailed review of the subject property, an assessment of available documentation along with a field investigation to get a feel for the development being considered versus the existing condition, often including feild measurements, along with a detailed conversation and review of the proposed improvements.   A subsequent review of related permit requirements, cost and governing ordinance or codes are compared against our field work to determine the feasibility of the proposed work.  We often also then prepare conceptual drawings, sometimes with multiple options, for client review along with a preliminary project scope and detailed breakdown of likely costs.  An honest presentation of the facts is something that we here at ARB pride ourselves on, even if that assessment means a suggestion against doing the work itself.  We will provide our input and offer suggestions for how best to proceed based on our decades of experience so that you can make the big decisions BEFORE spending large sums of money.  The extra effort on the front end is what drives successful projects, is what shortens their schedule and is exactly how costs are minimzed.  Regardless of the scope, scale or type of your potential project, ARB staff are ready to assist you.

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