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Diligent planning and quality design is made truly meaningful by an equal effort on the construction side.  Alpine Ridge Builders, along with our dedicated team of respected industry professionals, provides our clients with the same level of commitment and dedication to quality through the construction phase of work.   Our managers and contractors maintain a close working relationship with our clients through the process and have the skill, experience and integrity to ensure that your project will meet or exceed expectations.    


Our effort begins first with an overall assessment of the project in an in depth analysis searching for value engineering opportunity and a detailed scope of work prepared and shared during the bidding process.   Our proposals are presented in an "open book" manner, meaning that our clients see each cost and each associated responsible contractor before any long term commitment is made.   This approach allows our clients to gain a clear understanding on how their hard earned dollars are being spent and where potential savings, if needed, might be pursued.  It also makes for a quick establishment of trust and an open pathway of communication and coordination...after all, we are a team in these ventures...and that's precisely the way ARB approaches each and every project we pursue.   Following contract, our managers prepare detailed construction schedules and spend substantial time on establishing site logistics and maintaining a tidy, organized work place to ensure that the construction process is as easy on our clients as possible and that everyone invovled has a crystal clear picture of what to expect and a realistic understanding of timeframe and work place condition.  This extra effort, generally spent before the first hammer swings, is what shortens overall time frames, creates seamless work progression and establishes pathways to cost savings.  Like any other general contractor, we work both because we enjoy what we do and to make a living.  But contrary to many others, we also consistently seek efficiency and value to save our clients unnecessary expense and the headaches that can accompany them.

From the first day of construciton, our focus lies with our clients.  We spend a significant amount of time planning our projects to minimize impact.  This includes the extra effort to close off the work space during renovations, clear establishment of storage area, work zones, restricted areas, standards of care and daily clean up requirements.  Our contractors are professionals, and present themselves that way each and every day.  We take a great deal of pride in both the end result of our work and in the presentation of our effort on a daily basis.  We feel that the experience our customers have with our contractors, our staff and our management team on a daily basis reflect just as importantly on our overall product as the improvements themselves.  Each project is provided with a primary client contact, a Project Manager, often one of our two founding partners.  Client coordination through the process and related expectations are discussed and established clearly prior to beginning work and our commitment to that coordination is made a priority throughout the job, so that our customers always feel involved, part of the process.  We take extra effort to make material selections in a timely fashion.  To layout improvements in concept on the job during construction demonstrating visually how things may look prior to actually completing the work.  This ensures that our customers understand fully what has been designed; allowing for quick and easy changes, if desired, before incurring the additional expense that often accompanies change.


Because our staff includes engineers, often times field or construction changes can be completed seamlessly without going to a third party or the additional cost for drawings they can bring.  Our managers are on site daily, ensuring that a professional and experienced set of eyes is on your project throughout construction; addressing the issues that inevitably arise before they have a chance to manifest into larger problems, coordinating the work as efficiently as possible and presenting the contractors with a daily client representative.  We also make it a point to have each of our partners periodically visit most sites to get a fresh perspective on the work and for quality control and assurance through the project.  We maintain scheduled client walkthroughs to update our customers as to project status and provide weekly updates between those visits, if not daily conversation.  We commit to coordination where it's expected and simply handle other portions of work where desired.  


Site work or building construction, remodel or new, commercial or residential...regardless of the scope, size or status of your proposed improvements, Alpine Ridge Builders can assist in making your project a reality.  

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